Role description

Our client, a leading global technology consulting organization is overseeing a major digital transformation with a leading financial services/banking client in Riyadh. They require a Program Manager to manage the application and execution of project delivery practices while continuously communicating with relevant stakeholders project objectives, status, challenges and outcomes, oversee the delivery of IT solutions in a manner that is compliant with the expected cost and time framework, and manage the documentation of knowledge associated with solutions in order to ensure the provision of effective IT understanding and excellence.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Strategy Development, Planning and/or Contribution

  • Ensure effective cascading of the departmental strategy into sectional business plans to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing departmental strategies.

People Management

  • Manage the effective achievement of assigned objectives through the leadership of the Delivery Management section by setting of individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff to maximize sectional performance.
  • Lead the talent development initiatives for the assigned section, collaborating with divisional experts and thereby ensure the availability of talent to fit business requirements.
  • Budgeting and Financial Performance
  • Manage the preparation and recommend the sectional budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget while ensuring all sectional activities are conducted in line with the approved guidelines.

Project Delivery Office Management

  • Maintain relationships with project managers and vendors providing project management services in order to ensure flawless application and execution of project delivery practices
  • Coordinate and maintain relationships with the Project Management Office and the business in order to ensure efficient communication of project objectives, plans, challenges and outcomes.
  • Manage the pool of solution delivery managers and their respective projects under implementation, in order to ensure they are allocated correctly and are performing as per pre-set plans and agreed standards.
  • Manage the effective control and review of the project portfolio in order to ensure continuous updating and monitoring of the set of project proposals, projects, programs, sub-portfolios and operations managed together in order to achieve SABB’s strategic objectives.
  • Communicate continuously the project status to the strategy portfolio owner, services managers (service design) and PMO, in order to be aware of the current project needs and expectations.
  • Manage the provision of financial and resource planning for the portfolio of projects in order to ensure full-time adherence to financial budgets and resource forecasting, facilitate monitoring of both and remediation in case of nonconformity.

Solution Delivery Governance

  • Oversee the delivery of solutions and take ownership of obtaining all required approvals in each part of the delivery process, in order to ensure completion of IT solution ndelivery objectives in compliance with the pre-defined timeline.
  • Oversee the management of project (solutions) and the performance of project tracking and reporting as per PMO standard procedures, in order to help identify potential problems and take corrective actions necessary to ensure that the project is within scope, on budget and meets the specified deadlines.
  • Supervise the process of performing project planning and coordination of new solutions and new services, in order to ensure flawless integration of those services within existing services in the organisation.
  • Supervise the tracking of solutions delivery and reporting as per Service Design defined by Solutions Architects, to ensure important information is conveyed and acted upon in a timely manner.
  • Oversee the coordination of vendor resources in collaboration with the vendor project manager, to build a positive and effective communication and collaboration between both parties.
  • Oversee the process that retains knowledge provision, updates knowledge repository and artefacts capturing as part of knowledge management, in order to encourage knowledge sharing across the whole organisation.
  • Ensure the implementation of continuous coordination with multi-vendor integration and vendor relationship management teams in order to discuss and resolve delivery issues on the vendor side.
  • Oversee the management of the integration across applications, functions and resources required for that specific (solutions) delivery to ensure its optimal success.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

  • Manage and ensure effective implementation of Solution Delivery departmental policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of assigned sectional activity so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements, fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service.

Change Management

  • Lead the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement and sustainability of systems, processes and practices considering global standards, productivity improvement and cost reduction.


  • Ensure that all sectional reports are prepared timely and accurately and meet requirements, policies and quality standards.
  • Function within the framework and boundaries of policies as well as overall organizational and governance frameworks.
  • Accountable for the management of the Deliver Management section within the boundaries decided by the overall strategic plan and approved budgets.
  • Authorized to take decisions as per the approved authorization matrix.

Principal Recruitment Consultant with extensive recruitment experience working in Europe, US and MENA regions

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