Monica Mwanje: Seeking Continual Improvement

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When I participate in bids, I know I am helping my clients grow their business. Choosing to participate in a bid is often a crucial point for companies. Bids are more and more complex, technical; and require careful strategy and management. But they also are a way to secure new business. What makes bids more complex are the scope of the contract opportunity and the number of organisations involved in the process.

My role ultimately is to deliver what the client is asking for, to meet the requirements, applying my knowledge and creativity to challenge and develop solutions. My engineering background allows me to better understand the requirements and I enjoy the challenge: it is something tangible, a contribution made to a business.
What I also enjoy about the bid process is that there is always something to be learnt for everybody involved.

Building new experience and using it to drive continual improvement: that’s my business!


Monica Mwanje is the founder of MM Creative Solutions a UK based independent consultancy, to provide specialist services for the nuclear industry.

You can view her Linkedin profile here.


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