SiteFlow: first app used on a Nuclear Power Plant in France for a Work Completion File


On the 14th of February 2019 on the Nuclear Power Plant Blayais, a Work Completion File was prepared and executed by Ponticelli, one of EDF’s supplier via a 100% digital solution: the app developed by SiteFlow. Since then it is used daily on several Nuclear Power Plants in France.

Why is this good news for the nuclear industry?

Safety is at the centre of the nuclear industry as a whole. Every action on site must meet very strict criteria and processes to ensure the safety of the responders as well as the safety and availability of the facilities. The preparation and execution of the Work Completion File is now essential to guarantee this, but its implementation is time consuming and needs streamlining. SiteFlow can help these issues more simply and effectively.

How does the SiteFlow app work ? 

  • Before going on site, the Builder SiteFlow breaks down the preparation of the different actions in sequences. The people involved have access to standardised resources and work together. The Work Completion File is automatically created.
  • On site,  a tablet guides the operator step by step, which saves time and helps to respect the strict client’s deadlines. The client itself can ratify its quality control forms, as can external control stakeholders, and other forms.
  • After the intervention, the collected data can be analysed to improve performances and be used again for another intervention. The completion of work report is also created.

Cyber security is always a question when one talks about digital transformation, especially on utilities like Nuclear Power Plants. How is the SiteFlow app secure?

All our clients ask us this question and it is indeed justified: cyber security is of course at the very core of our R&D strategy. We couldn’t imagine to enter this market without respecting the highest standards in the industry. Samed Jalouali co-founder and CTO has previously developed cloud solutions to digitalise notarial acts. It was incidentally the central question the notaries did raise!

To meet this challenge, we have developed several layers of encryption, at server and database levels as well as in the communications between the tablet on site and the back office. We only work with hosting platforms respecting the same standards with servers located in France.

So your app only has advantages? 

Yes. Productivity, attractiveness, competitiveness: the solutions developed by SiteFlow are designed to optimise the processes of the nuclear industry and generate capital gains for each player in the industry. But above all, the solution is simple to implement and it is in production! This sounds basic, but when we hear about digitisation for years without seeing concrete results on the sites, we realise the complexity of the task accomplished by our teams.



Louis Hauvette is SiteFlow cofounder. As its CEO, he coordinates the company’s different business units and is directly involved in commercial relationships. Before creating SiteFlow, Louis worked on refurbishment projects in several roles and participated in the launch of a new activity  nuclear only related for a construction major.

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