Thomas Thor is supporting Bruce Power in seeking a new President & CEO


Following the retirement announcement of Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power’s current President and Chief Executive Officer in Ontario, Canada, the search for his replacement is underway. Bruce Power has hired a consortium of three search firms to manage the global search for his replacement. This consortium will be led by Boyden Executive Search in Canada, working together with KeySource HCI (US focus) and Thomas Thor Associates (global focus outside of North America).

The next President and CEO of Bruce Power will lead the organisation through a $13B (CAD) refurbishment and life extension program as well as overall responsibility for the operations of the eight reactors at the Bruce Power site. The refurbishment program is a significant undertaking which will entail the refurbishment of six of the eight reactors at the site. The other two reactors were refurbished in the last decade.

The newly appointed President and CEO will benefit from the key lessons learned from the recently completed refurbishments. In addition to robust lessons learned, Bruce Power is confident of its success because the next refurbishments are not ‘’first of a kind’’ projects. On the Operations side, the new President and CEO will be leading a well-run business. Bruce B has received an internationally recognized industry award for operational excellence from INPO and operational efficiency has been improving year on year consistently.

There is no doubt that the next President and CEO of Bruce Power has big shoes to fill. The next CEO will need to maintain the excellent relationships that Duncan Hawthorne has built with all internal and external stakeholders and as well as all employees at Bruce Power.

Bruce Power has hired Boyden Executive Search, KeySource HCI and Thomas Thor Associates to scan the globe for qualified candidates to lead Bruce Power. All enquiries can be directed to the following people:

If you are in Canada, please contact Ron Robertson at

If you are in the US, please contact Maribeth Veale at

If you are in any other country, please contact James O’Shaughnessy at

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