Building Bridges Between China and UK Nuclear Industries


From Liaoning Province, China to Manchester, UK

I was born and studied in Liaoning province, China, a heavy industry region. After a degree in Electrical Engineering, I chose to go to study in Manchester on a full scholarship. Manchester for me is the birthplace of the industrial revolution hence of engineering and also very much heavy-industry based, that’s why I chose it. Close to twenty years on, I have not regretted my choice.

Work and Life

Studying and then working in Manchester has provided lots of opportunities and challenges, in the associative world as well as in the corporate world.

I have enjoyed and am enjoying representing my region, my industry and mentor others first with the Manchester University, then with the Young Nuclear Generation Network as well as the Nuclear Institute and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. I believe that being an active part of our nuclear community can help bridge the gaps between different cultures and encourages the spreading of good practices.

My career has followed a similar path of development in the energy sector. I have published papers which is always satisfying as a professional as your work gets acknowledged and your value recognized.

What I do now in my role as Manager for New Nuclear Development is developing nuclear business with Chinese organizations both in China and the UK. Essentially creating bridges between all stakeholders and helping each party to have the best communication achievable. As ever cultural differences represent a huge challenge and we want to be the first point of entry in both markets.

British and Chinese Nuclear Industries

I believe the British nuclear industry is the only solution to the energy shortage that could limit economic development in the UK. In China we see nuclear projects of all technologies to support a healthy economic growth on a massive scale that could clearly benefit from UK’s life cycle and supply chain experience. The other area (and by no mean the last) that can only benefit from international cooperation and solidarity is of course staff training and shortage.

All in all, I am very optimistic and excited about the challenges ahead in the global nuclear industry!

Dr Zhi is part of the Nuclear Institute and the Young Nuclear generation Network.
You can consult here his Linkedin profile.

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