Engaging the majority


Being part of a majority would seem to make life simple, but do you ever feel disappointed, frustrated or left out because people around you do not recognise or understand something about your life? A lot of people in the engineering workforce are suffering in silence while they manage their family life, their mental or physical health, or any number of other personal matters. And the effects of feeling left out are serious: the recent Masculinity in Engineering report by EqualEngineers found that nearly one in five engineers has lost a work colleague to suicide, and over one in five have self-harmed or considered ending their own life.


“For me, inclusivity in the workplace is a health and safety issue,” says Mark McBride-Wright, the Founder and Managing Director of EqualEngineers. “Not being able to be open about who you are, because of attitudes and lack of diversity around you can lead to mental health issues and decreased wellbeing.”


It is eye-opening for people in the majority to consider that their personal situation could be a diversity issue worthy of consideration by their peers and management as part of workplace culture. It is illuminating for managers to realise that helping people in the majority to find their own diversity story leads to the widest understanding of the benefits of inclusion. And when the majority has a personal understanding of inclusion, and no longer feels left out, the door opens to creating a true, deeply embedded culture of belonging in the workplace for everybody.

Engineering a Winning Workforce: Engaging the Majority is a workshop that reshapes the narrative around equality, diversity and inclusion efforts in a way which engages male-majority teams. It is designed for anyone in the nuclear sector with a responsibility to manage people. You will finish the session ready to articulate your diversity story and to be a role model for others as you take practical steps to identify and overcome organisational barriers to inclusion. By learning how to engage with your peers, clients and employees you will enjoy better interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, the course will help managers to harness the benefits of positive mental health and wellbeing to help their teams thrive as part of a purpose-driven workforce.

EqualEngineers has already delivered this course to over 1,000 engineers in the defence, aerospace, rail and energy sectors. In 2020 it is partnering with Diversity & Inclusion in UK Nuclear with the aim of reaching 1,000 managers in the nuclear sector by way of a national tour of areas where there are clusters of businesses with a focus on nuclear.

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Access the full Masculinity in Engineering report, EqualEngineers here.

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