IYNC and Thomas Thor signed a Letter of Intent to develop joint programs that will benefit young professionals in the nuclear industry.

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October 11, 2021

IYNC and Thomas Thor signed a letter of intent on October 4, 2021, to develop joint programs dedicated to providing knowledge transfer and mentoring programs, implement training activities for young professionals and provide support to the IYNC Board of Directors on strategic aspects related to the global nuclear industry. The document was signed by the president of IYNC, Lena Andriolo, and the CEO of Thomas Thor, Callum Thomas.

Both organizations have developed a long-term collaboration in the field of mentoring and knowledge transfer, and Thomas Thor has become one of the key supporters of the IYNC activities.

IYNC is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to developing, pursuing, and implementing activities dedicated to communicating the benefits of nuclear power, promote peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology and transfer knowledge to the next generation of young professionals.

Thomas Thor is a specialist recruitment agency dedicated to the acceleration of net zero and focuses mainly on the global nuclear industry. Thomas Thor also provides human resources consulting and executive search services. Thomas Thor is dedicated to support and promote the attractivity of the nuclear industry with young professionals and to facilitate knowledge transfer within the industry.


Thomas Thor Associates is a consulting and recruitment organisation providing services to the global nuclear sector. We represent nuclear industry experts and provide nuclear jobs to our clients for either freelance contract assignments or permanent staff positions.


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