Tempted to jump sector? From Conventional to Nuclear Power: meet Nawel Nourai!


Nawel Nourai has spent the first part of her career in the conventional power sector as a consultant specialized in thermal power stations’ energy output. In 2011, she was selected for her technical skills in scheduling to work for Areva on the Finland EPR project. This 15-month experience gave her access to the nuclear sector.

She then moved to the UAE and worked first for SNC Lavallin and ABB, both in for non-nuclear related projects. While still in the UAE, she replied to a Thomas Thor job ad and started to work on the Barakah Nuclear Power plant project.

It has been a beautiful experience working on the Barakah project. I got to fully transition from the Oil & Gas sector to the Nuclear Industry, but also changed my point of view from the client’s/contractor’s to the operator’s perspective along with a strong link between the operator and the nuclear safety authorities.


Working on a New Build Project allowed me to witness and be part of creating new processes and procedures in an integrated holistic fashion…that is not something that one does every day. It vastly increased my professional potential and allowed me to find the best fit for the evolution of my career.


The most challenging for me as an ambitious and career-dedicated woman and mother is to reach a decent work life balance: professional aspirations, geographical locations, business travels, school and family life. Never an easy task but I do embrace the challenge on a daily basis!”



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